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Is the ninth consecutive record palm knifed out.
Rohan soil boxing defense is certainly a strong door, but the world is not broke do not open the defense, despite France dip monk how to resist, Lin mad tyrant with a strong attitude, life with a pair of meat from the palm to the military station on Cleave down, Although there is no injury to the other nothing, but it is winning the battle.
It is a strong defense. Wu station on top of the TV drama look unwilling Lin overlooking the French dip monk, normally taciturn, he is opening for the first time an opponent evaluation.
Amitabha, Lin Shidi repair whom strong, France dip admire. Helpless smile shaking his head, French dip monk hands together, and walked away.
How can seem strong again? After all no match for mad tyrant matchless offensive, defensive boxing soil Lohan certainly amazing,lebron sneakers, but I'm the same day that realm called invincible terror combat power, more shocking endless.
Come forward to standing on top of the Wu Taiwan, Lin look around, a pair of purple eye swept the presence of everyone,nike shox, except for extremely small number of people, the vast majority of people are not with them on the TV, these time Qianxiu Although allowing Lin murderous body weak a lot,, but still daunting, chilling.
Three days Tongqiao realm of brothers who came to power in spite of the challenges if there is, if not, then please come up with their immortality Come on, lest I actively look for one another.
His remark, the audience uproar, even the side of the cloud forest where the monk looked day look is some dumbfounding, this is simply naked threats, but Zhefan move is very arrogant, very arrogant.
Three days Tongqiao many foreign disciples were livid,, with great reluctance, but also know their own strength, and even called the triple day unbeaten France dip monks are lost, and these people do not have that confidence in facing natural forests days.
Everyone took a succession of military units, each took a Tongqiao Dan Dan and two bottles of condensable gas, followed by a one step away gloomy face.
Separated by a half months later, Lin Zong fighting in the name of Buddhism popular with people again, Dan Wu Taiwan wins things, but they are being talking about, remarks strong and domineering, really amazing, but there are also some hide, said Lin days too arrogant, Some Tongqiao quadruple days to six heavy day realm of the master seems to have felt the crisis,lebron 9, one begins retreat penance, waiting for the next challenge Lin.
When the news reached the ears of the non abbot,lebron 10, even the mood Furui no wave generation master also can not help but smile, but he did not cause to stop forest days, because he knows that a truly powerful warrior to go Road, is to step by step towards a stronger realm stride and challenges.
And Lin's move, but led the disciples were practicing outside the enthusiasm, a lot of people are struggling to Lin as the goal, concentrated penance, you want to be the beat.
[Brothers, one day before dawn, ah, indifferent to ten hours before yards out, ah, to the point of support of power, vote now ~ ~ ~]
Chapter 027 Chapter Ling Luo Indian Daci
The first is more, during the book, I hope everyone can support ~ ~
Two days compared Tongqiao outside cultivation were disciples, triple the number of days of much less repair.
Nevertheless, in spite of these forests days wantonly plundered, and coupled with the hands of more than one hundred pieces of original Tongqiao Dan, in the hands of the immortality of resources, but also foot
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The more I feel this way as if no end.
Amitabha, all take care of it ...... hands clasped together, the abbot did not persuade it.
Master take care of. Lin nodded, then stood up and turned around,lebron 6, leave without looking back.
Shaw who once said, reaching Nirvana Nine days after the empty can of Xier reshape the flesh, then reach Nirvana empty Heaven has become the practice in future forest day the first goal, but if the opportunity, he wanted to go to a Skyfire Gladius trip to collect snow Rowan's head, as well as to regain ancestral Buddha left a small patch of thousands of the world.
Road is long Come, happiness and earth ......
Twilight sunset, hills sea, setting sun, such as blood, Lin straight north, to the vastness of the land boundary.
Chapter 166 wide cold fairy
Throughout the world of cultivation geographical parties, Old and five boundaries, if on the strength of the most mysterious, undoubtedly the northern boundary of the southern boundary of Buddhism and ancient family of heterogeneous forces is undoubtedly the most eastern border, and if that is the strongest, it Non-none other than Turkey!
Ancient Han powerful bloodline alike standing tradition in the land sector, with white, yellow,nike lebron 9, black, phoenix, soil, forests, led by six families, the entire forces of Turkey's remaining parties are almost six family bloodline branch.
Turkey near the border with the southern boundary of the plot area, but belong to the sphere of influence of Phoenix family, in the middle separated by vast mountains Huanglin endless, many of which have Beastkin forces throughout doped therein.
Western boundary of the complex topography,lebron 8, but Beastkin entrenched place, Beastkin human race has always been never in contact with the monks, very few remaining parties involved in the boundary,lebron x, the reason why the human family parties together major forces did not attempt to completely erase Yaozu, Since ancient times but some conventions.
Nonetheless, Beastkin with Terran monks on the words, but also basically opposite of life and death, each has.
Terran plot Yaozu demon Dan monks, monks are Yaozu can devour human monk's body in order to enhance the repair and evolution.
Seventy years of practice, Lin is not clear that they are more or get lost many, many times the rough ordeal, relatives dead death parting, he embarked on a truly their own monastic way, but also lost the hearts The most important father, Xier ......
Gains and losses, Road cycling is probably fair, but Lin can not be reconciled, he did not think at this time everything is final and definite number, he wants to become a strong, may one day when he had a strong enough repair for the state, the Everything can change.
Of course, these terms only for the present he is just wishful thinking, but also his continued practice goal.
Road,air max 90, where the ultimate road? Oliver the other side? To the strong? Lin did not know,nike australia, uncertainty, a loss ......
Huang Lin, the heavens as being the earth as bed, Lin still if an ascetic go hiking trip to Turkey, then sun and the moon alternately longitudinal runner, always kept in his footsteps, as if riding in their flyover Avenue, Road endless.
After a few days, Lin has gone deep depths of the wild forest, which is a quiet valley, he stood on top of a steep peak, overlooking the valley of the TV drama appearance, like a blooming lotus, deep Mouguang but the long, purple Mouzhong mapping the valley flowers, there is growing among the many flowers, actually has a
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Readily hit an breeze, blowing dust will lunged away. Xiao Yan looked at the mountain has become a pile of rubble, twisted twisted neck, slightly surprised smiles: Yes, physical strength and speed are becoming a lot stronger, previously the blow, if exchanged for land previously if not in use the octupole collapse, it is impossible to have such destructive power.
Firelight Qinglian. Really extraordinary ah ... Gee praise a few times, Xiao Yan casual wave of his hand, its top covered with blue flame,nike shox, slowly converge, the palm above the blue flame recoveries, Xiao check it out a bit slight inflammation in vivo, soon brow slightly wrinkled up, some helpless and whispered: Sure enough, this is also a different fire engulfed a grudge big guy, just such a short period of use. they consume very one grudge it not been previously raised two star power, I am afraid that consumption had bigger.
Oh, you are now the strength is too low, not enough to fully play different fire capability. Moreover, the burning of decisions of the power law, and now has only a middle yellow to such exercises on a grudge storage limit is naturally impossible allowing different fire random splurge. laughed the old drugs.
Yes ... Gong! Hear the words of the old drugs, Xiao Yan eyes suddenly stare, that the most important step, even came close to ecstasy because different fire refining to dash out forgotten.
Do not worry, anyway, now thoroughly refining Firelight Qinglian,lebron 6, devouring its evolutionary power law, and that sooner or later to do, today you have a big enough workload, the first rest day different fire engulfed it ...... this kind of thing, pay attention to is a balance, and made too quickly, but will be counterproductive. old drugs shook his head and dissuasive road.
Uh ... okay. Wen Yan, Xiao Yan surprised a moment, Qiaode old drugs that serious face, although the hearts of some reluctance, but still nodded helplessly.
Tomorrow night, the night began, it was the lowest temperature of the day, although this may be for you with the help of different fire engulfed extremely small, but we are not able to abandon it, because maybe it is this little bit of success,nike air max, about the evolution of the overall situation will be success. old drugs dignified said.
Ah, it would begin tomorrow night ... nodded slightly, Xiao Yan laughed.
Xiao-Yan Qiao promised the old drugs is light relief, the body slightly shaking,lebron 8, into a streamer got into the ring, leaving a lingering hint of laughter in the cave: So, then you have the freedom to organize the next of the time, and I come out tomorrow.
Nodded his head, Xiao Yan fingers gently stroking the black ring, light smile, immediately waved the violet incorporated into the ring being satisfied, then toes point in cliff above the body like a catkins, gently floating out of the cave.
A world time, Xiao Yan was eager mood to spend slowly, gradually enveloped the earth when the next night, that place a plate sitting on a cliff above the protruding Shiyan Xiao Yan, slowly opened the eyes, held out his hand, felt that the heavens and the earth gradually became cold air, suddenly, on the face revealing a touch of a smile of satisfaction.
His feet, that Heichen Chen Xiao Yan looked up the sky,nike australia, perhaps because the sake of the coming storm,, and now between heaven and earth, is an oppressive atmosphere that enveloped.
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Lengheng loudly: Do not you know? Spirit world has changed profoundly evil side of God will ultimately dominate the universe, and you also want this little skill and day against you? Golden Dragon, this is my benefit Turin.
His audacity and then said: Take some of the useless energy collected, achievement of great deeds, even if I do not do that one day the evil side of God will send someone to collect.
Heaven and earth have righteousness, miscellaneous contingent Fu manifold, as compared to the river under the mountain, was on the Day Star, who said in awe ...... I do not know how, the Sun Weiming remembered Elegy, how the universe changes, Sun Weiming confident that justice will ultimately victory.
Pei almost plug Cangming, Huang Lu Qing Yi when containing and spit Ming court,nike lebron 9, when adversity is see, eleven vertical Dan!
Second chant, the Ipomoea Golden Eagle, who are subject to incentives, the devil putting the current disaster, no one back, they like a conquering army raid changjon injection, long beam emitted violet purple Astral open , Sun Weiming heard in a long chant of Ipomoea Golden Sun Weiming just back off, Elegy!
Heart For God seems in mind, Sun Weiming cut off communication with him, then Ipomoea Golden Eagle troops and shadow human forces outside in Whitehorse Star Wars, Sun Weiming driving a familiar 101 fast ship to join battle circle,lebron x, then YanBei day sent word ......
Dragon King, if we have to Mary Star, positive side of the coalition forces and the war, but things are strange,lebron 6, you have to come quickly. YanBei Heaven.
Chu pity then suddenly said: Boss, maybe there will be another star in the heart of Mary if I want God!
The phrase will be awakened her Sun Weiming, Tian Luo have died, the heart of God there are two souls desire.
Here is a heart desire of God, that Mary is another one if the stars on it? If there's heart desire God holds one hundred million Lingzhu, no Astral's YanBei day they will? To resist! Sun Weiming worried, no wonder the heart of God have the time and want to own nonsense, a time regardless of his appearance is a circle is flat.
Chu pity see Sun Weiming heart is chaotic, rushed proposals and said: Boss, the heart does not know God, you want to repair the soul out of the two, you can use the flesh into a fairy **** spiritual body, and then if the radical Mary Star, leaving the other side of the heart and soul desire God deal with.
Volume 79 chapter nine hundred and thirty first cloned action
Sun Weiming hurried Contact YanBei Heaven: The old Yan, Xiao four fire you please send army in Whitehorse Star and Mary Star of the junction if the collusion, I'll be right.
Reconsidered has been set, according to the coronation of the house learned of the power law, the Sun Weiming's soul split into two, another Sun Weiming appeared, Sun Weiming saw another him.
This is the master,, this is the master! Lei Day hunt big hands than to than to go, what to see Yaotouhuangnao left Sun Weiming,lebron 9, a sudden they look right Sun Weiming, address him incredible, everyone without exception, Gee said!
Now is no time, no time to joke with him.
Lei Day hunt, seeking Beecham, the north wind, to the crossing points, we will hold fairy ****, into a spiritual body crossed the Whitehorse Star blockade! North wind driving a battleship quick jerk, and Sun Weiming The avatar is left with his desire God continue to crap.
Communication connected again, the heart full of desire mind proudly said: You punch line,nike australia, but the White Horse, I think you are very clear about my needs 'Magic Star Heart Qi', the South China Sea benevolence, surrender Come on! We may not like to play without meaning
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tory burch flatsDo not want to send troops to deal with so early a great empire, but still time to send troops Teikyo thought for a moment the best time, and now all forces gathered Lianyunshan, there must be a war, regardless of the outcome, the world will certainly be more confusion afterwards and Teikyo thousands of the world do not want to drag in a small long, worlds is one big stage, there is a big world where Joan race, so Teikyo want to accelerate the pace of development of the great Joan.
Text Chapter 32 Assault Sea capital
Elegant house update :2012 -2-17 11:08:15 words in this chapter: 2638
Teikyo standing in the emptiness, looked at the bottom of the sea tall stately capital of the vast, blue ocean empire empire, tory burch flats aggressive atmosphere exudes a majestic city.
The feeling of being at Teikyo sea are hidden everywhere in the city repair to advanced monks,nike air max, Hop Road alone, there are more than fifty of plus has been Teikyo kill more than twenty, plus Imperial Majesty Blue Ocean bring Lianyunshan master, Blue Ocean Empire can be described as a master clouds, heritage dojo no better than those big difference.
Jingmang endless sky, the city exudes curl fairy sound, golden merit clouds cover the entire palace, which has numerous valley of death, there is a huge merit dragon.
Teikyo Ling Li vanity, step by step, go in the direction toward the palace,nike shox australia, as do, Teikyo southern continent,air max, it was decided to remove the biggest obstacle,nike air max, but the biggest obstacle is in front of the blue ocean empire, and soon came Teikyo all over the palace.
Ang -
Roam among the clouds merit merit Dragons dragon uttered loud and clear, his eyes fierce breath exudes stare straight Teikyo it feel threatened, feel Teikyo hostility, so the sound is full issue Dragons hostility.
Sea Dragons sound vibrations throughout the capital, numerous road figure instantly Luedao the sky,air max 90, surrounded by the Royal Plaza, Royal Plaza in front of a standing man costumes, a purple robes, standing in the emptiness distinguished atmosphere unparalleled, face full of endless majesty, that was formed by long-placed unique temperament.
This man named Blue Town, Blue John's brother, the only Blue Ocean Empire Prince John is not blue, blue town supervise the country. Heard the sound of the voice of a hostile Dragons, are dealing with the Chief of the blue came to the palace over the town instantly saw was quietly standing of Teikyo.
Teikyo, Blue Town natural understanding, tory burch flats although not personally seen, but have seen a lot of messages among Teikyo images, it is because a lot of news to get blue town this time only with careful vigilance,nike australia, big brother is not, Blue Town can not let the Blue Ocean Empire in his hands out what was wrong.
Most experts tory burch flats have come to see the emptiness, Blue Town, opening smiled and said: it was great Joan Teikyo emperor, I do not know Teikyo emperor in such a way to do what I'm Blue Ocean Empire?
Between countries, the upper contacts are more formal affair, a senior State to another State, it must be presented his credentials, prior implicit, such as Teikyo king of a country directly into the palace over the others, this is very disrespectful behavior, the other party can not ask the reason ascribed shot.
However, the town did not do so blue, although aware of Teikyo ill intent, but the blue town or to restrain from a variety of intelligence among the blue town already know Teikyo strength, although now the Palace over the station.
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